Friday, November 19, 2010

Franklins & Fall

Reposted with permission from Worthy Of The Prize where this blog was originally posted on 11/18/10. 

The Franklins have had a ton of fun enjoying our 1st Wisconsin fall!  It was GORGEOUS to say the least and the weather was BEAUTIFUL!

Here are some of the things that we did...

We drove over to Lake Michigan and into Door County.

Anderson at the Pumpkin Farm with his 4K class in October.

Went to the Fish Hatchery and Wildlife Park on Lake Michigan with Paul & Jenny Garrison (our Senior Pastor and his wife) in October.

  Carved pumpkins in October.
Went to the Green Bay Botanical Gardens in October.

Watched every game and cheered on the Texas Rangers in their 1st World Series appearance.
Our family went to the National Railroad Museum with some of Erin's family in mid-November.
Unfortunately, the Fall season is coming to a close and we are moving into the cold, cold Winter!

Check back again in another month or so for holiday season and snow pictures!

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