Tuesday, April 05, 2011

I Love Rock N' Roll

Have you ever made a mistake so egregious that you wanted to crawl in a hole and never come out? This post is dedicated to all of us who have had such an experience.

My experience took place a few years ago on a non-descript Sunday morning. As I was making the final preparations for the morning worship services to begin I heard a familiar song begin to play during the preworship time. Unfortunately, it was a song that didn't remotely fit with anything we were doing that day and definitely not a song that one would use for preworship. As soon as I heard Joan Jett belt out "I love rock n' roll" I knew I was in trouble! I was at least 80 ft. away from the sound booth and too far away for the audio team to hear me. I was going to have to go Marshawn Lynch on everyone and scamper quickly towards the booth. Thankfully the guys in the booth realized something was not quite right and cut the song soon after it had begun. Most people were not even aware what had happened, but the ones that did wanted an explanation the following week.

The church had held a benefit fundraiser the night before for a family in the church. The entertainment for the evening was a music variety show spanning multiple genres and time periods of music. Unfortunately for me, not all the music from the night before had been gathered up and when the preworship music began the next morning we were serenaded by the one and only Joan Jett. I like the song, but not on a Sunday morning before worship.

I learned 2 things from that incident:

1. We are all human and make mistakes. We want to learn from our mistakes so they are not repeated, but nonetheless mistakes do happen. It's how we react in those situations that define the remembered outcome.

2. "I Love Rock N' Roll" is a better rocking out in your car driving down the highway with the windows down song than a church preworship song. 

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