Sunday, July 17, 2011

What I Learned This Weekend

When I get the chance I like to tune in to the Dan Patrick Show which airs each weekday morning on TV as well as radio. Dan usually closes each show with a segment called "What Did We Learn Today". Stealing Dan's idea, this post is all about what I learned this weekend.

I enjoy bike riding, especially when I get to ride with Erin. We rode in the Titletown Bike Tour over the weekend and got in 21 miles early in the morning before the heat set in. The course took us through Howard and Suamico where we were able to see some beautiful countryside.

It is hot in Green Bay right now. After living in Texas for almost 10 years I hesitate to refer to temperatures in the 90's as "hot" since most days in the Texas summer summer are 100+ degrees. However, when you mix in a high humidity to that mid-90's day it really does feel hot (not that I'm complaining). Another surefire way to tell it's hot is when you look out the window of your air-conditioned house and see the green grass turning brown.

Keep in touch with old friends. It was good to hang out with Matt & Liz Mooney over the weekend as they were in town on vacation checking out all things Packers. I went to college with Matt & Liz and he was a groomsman in our wedding and I returned the favor a few months later when they got married. It was good to catch up and reminisce about days gone by and talk about what the future holds.

When friends invite you to do something you should make an effort to do it. We were invited to Sunday lunch by some good friends. With so much going on this weekend we could have said no or taken a rain check, but then we would've missed out on a good meal and great times hanging out. It's easy to become self-absorbed from time to time and focus solely on you or your family, but life is meant to be shared and relationships are vital to living a happy life.

The Texas Rangers are playing their best baseball of the year right now. As I type this they are winners of 11 games in a row and building a nice lead in their division.

The St. Louis Cardinals might win their division and they might finish as low as 4th place. They remain a mystery to me.

The Kansas City Royals have a lousy record and are in last place again. However, they are a much better team than in years past and are playing pretty good baseball. With improved starting pitching and a little more power at the plate they aren't too far off from being a .500 team or better.

Tom Watson is a joy to watch at the British Open. Though is best chances to win are now probably behind him at age 61, he still remains competitive and gives you hope that maybe, just maybe, he's got one more left in him. He has won 5 British Opens in his career, but after a tough weekend he will have to wait until next year to try and turn back the clock one more time.

I enjoy grilling. I knew this before this weekend, but there's not much better eating than sitting down to BBQ steaks or BBQ burgers with an assortment of sides and a Sprecher root beer. In fact, leftovers are sounding pretty good right about now.

Well that's about it. It was a busy, but very enjoyable weekend. I hope you enjoyed yours as well. Have a great week!

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