Saturday, October 15, 2011

Four Types of Staff Members/Employees

The following was written by Perry Noble, senior pastor of NewSpring Church. What kind of employee or staff member are you?

#1 – “Can Do”
This is the person that if you tell them you want to land a 747 on the stage of your church they immediately begin to brainstorm as to how it can be done.  They have a fire and passion and really do believe that NOTHING is impossible with God.

However, they ARE realistic!  I have several members on the team I serve with that will say, “I love that idea Perry, now, let me tell you what it will take in order for that to happen,” and then they proceed to tell me the things that I may not be aware of in regards to the implementation of the vision.  They aren’t saying we can’t do it…they just want me to know all that it is going to take.

I LOVE THIS…I love it when staff are realistic…every leader should.

#2 – “Can’t Do”
Many times these people like to refer to themselves as “the devils advocate,” they are always finding reasons things can’t get done and seem to bring a negative tone to every meeting they are in.  I have said it before, I will say it again…the devil does not need a freakin advocate, he is doing fine all by himself.  The person that is always saying that something can’t be done is USUALLY saying so because if the vision that is being cast is put into play then it will cause either a greater amount of work for them…OR require them to leave their comfort zone.

These people drain the crap out of you and are not an asset to your team!

#3 – “Won’t Do”
These are the people on staff that are more obsessed with their gifting than their calling…and so if they are asked to do something that isn’t in line with their perceived gift then they refuse to do it.  (Which in case their “gift” has now became their idol!)

If a staff member (including the senior pastor) isn’t willing to do whatever it takes to make the vision happen then that team will NEVER accomplish all that it could accomplish.  If someone on staff makes it a common practice to declare what they will not do in regards to executing the vision of the church then they are not pursuing Jesus (who washed feet in John 13) and need to be confronted in love and challenged that our gifting does make us unique…but we all have the same calling, to do whatever it takes to reach as many people as possible who are far from God.

#4 – “Didn’t Know I Could Do”
The disciples had no idea they could do what they wound up doing until a leader came along (Jesus) who was constantly challenging them to go beyond themselves and attempt the “impossible.”

John Mark had no idea of what he was capable of until Barnabas believed in him.
Timothy was just a guy in the church until the Apostle Paul spotted greatness in him and asked him to assist him in his ministry.

And there are people in our churches and on our staff that are able to do way more than they are currently doing…they just are unaware of it because a leader has never dared to believe in them nor challenged them to leave their comfort zone.

It is a powerful thing when the people believe in their leader…it is even a more powerful thing when a leader believes in the people he has been given stewardship over.

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