Thursday, October 27, 2011

World Series Game 6 Recap

Below are observations from Game 6 of the 2011 World Series:

- This was one of the best World Series games EVER! Around the 5th inning this is what I posted on Facebook and Twitter: "I'm just now catching up to live action of the #WorldSeries. Mark my words the Cardinals will come back & win to force a classic Game 7".  Little did I know I was about to watch one of the most exciting finishes of any World Series game in modern history. I can't wait for Game 7!

- If you love good defense this game might have made you ill. All told, there were 5 errors recorded officially, but many other sloppy plays that one could classify as errors, both physical and mental.

- I am not sure what happened to Alexi Ogando on the way from Detroit to St. Louis, but he has been absolutely awful in the World Series after being almost unhittable in the previous two rounds.

- Nelson Cruz hit his 8th home run which ties him with Barry Bonds and Carlos Beltran for the most in a single postseason.

- Game 7 could be the last game that Albert Pujols plays as a St. Louis Cardinal. It is hard to believe that he has been dominating the Major Leagues for 11 seasons. I remember his first week as a St. Louis Cardinal in 2001 when he burst on the scene with his big bat and less-than-stellar left field play. If I remember correctly (Cards fans please correct me if I'm wrong), Pujols beat out a comeback bid by Ray Lankford that went down to the final day of Spring Training. The fan's sentiment was that they wanted Lankford in left field for one more season which would have been a farewell tour of sorts. Instead, Pujols got the nod and it did not take long for Cardinal Nation to embrace Mr. Pujols. Here's hoping Albert returns to St. Louis next year and for many more after that.

- What a tremendous 2011 postseason so far that all started with possibly the most exciting final day of any regular season. CLICK HERE for a quick look back.

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