Wednesday, November 16, 2011

12 Things A Leader Can't Do

Perry Noble, Senior Pastor of NewSpring Church, came up with the following list of things leaders cannot do. Enjoy.

#1 – You cannot make everyone happy. (Jesus didn’t…it wasn’t His goal, see Galatians 1:10)

#2 – You cannot think that you can argue/defend yourself all of the time. (Especially on the internet! Arguing on the internet is like taking a pee into the wind. It might feel good at first, but always ends up in a mess!)

#3 – You cannot ignore a problem and believe by doing so it will go away.

#4 – You cannot just pray a problem away. (David had to walk down into the valley and whip Goliath’s rear-end!)

#5 – You cannot fall in love with the way things are. (If you do then the word “change” will become a bad word!)

#6 – You cannot compromise your integrity–EVER!

#7 – You cannot believe that you always have the best ideas and the people you are working with would not be able to function without you.

#8 – You cannot hold back from speaking the truth in love because it may hurt someone’s feelings.

#9 – You cannot stop learning, growing, and developing.

#10 – You cannot be good at everything…Stop Trying!

#11 – You cannot always be fair. (Jesus wasn’t always fair. He had a group of 70 and out of them He had a group of 12, out of that group He had three that He spent the most time with, and out of that group the Bible says that there was one whom He loved.  Hmmm…looks like “fairness” wasn’t one of His core values!)

#12 – You cannot lead through manipulation and intimidation and expect to have long term impact and significance.


Steve Kape said...

Excellent post. I love Perry Noble. I down load his podcasts every week. Thanks for sharing this!

Tina Hollenbeck said...

Oh, wow. Numbers 3 and 12 really hit home in current circumstances!