Monday, January 30, 2012

7 Traits of a Great Leader

There are some characteristics which set a great leader apart from mediocre leaders. Great leaders are multidimensional. While continuing to improve, great leaders have achieved certain markers in leadership.

Here are 7 traits of a great leader:

With humility, surrendering your way when it’s not the best way
With intentionality, continuing to learn and grow as a leader
With compassion, considering the needs of others ahead of your own
With integrity, never separating character from your definition of quality or success
With passion, the ability to rally a team and articulate the path to victory
With vision, seeing things other can’t see or are afraid to pursue
With strength, having the discipline to follow through on commitments
I’m not claiming all great leaders excel in each of these areas, certainly not that I have, but there should be a certain level of accomplishment, a progression towards each of them or at least a desire to do so…to be a great leader.
The above post was written by Ron Edmondson.

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