Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I've Been Everywhere

As you read in my previous post we are moving to Greeneville, TN where I will soon join the staff at First Baptist Church. Since this all became official I have been asked several questions like, "Where are you originally from? Where have you lived? Where were you born? Where does your family live...etc.". Instead of taking time to answer each question I thought it might be easier for you to just watch this video.

Obviously I have not been to all of those places, but at times it sure feels like I have! I was actually born and raised in Missouri, moved to Texas after college and lived there for 9 years, lived in Wisconsin after that for almost 2 years, and now we will make Tennessee our new home. After moving around a bit (and travelling around even more) I think it's time to put down roots and stay a while. Hopefully in a few years I can say I've been everywhere...in Tennessee!

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