Thursday, August 02, 2012

Parenting: Some Observations on the 1st Day of School

With summer winding down and school quickly approaching here are a few observations from leadership guru Tony Morgan to remember as you send your kids off to school.
Every child is unique.
They do grow up faster than you’d like.
They learn a lot by watching their parents handle the joys and challenges of life.
A lot of parenting is about helping them begin to make wise choices on their own.
As they get older, we let them make bigger decisions…and face the bigger consequences.
I’d rather they learn how to fail while they’re still at home.
We all need healthy boundaries. They actually want us to provide some of those boundaries.
If we protect them too much, they won’t be prepared for the real world.
It’s not just about what they accomplish, it’s also about the relationships they have along the way.
We’re still their biggest cheerleaders.

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