Tuesday, November 01, 2011

My Wife Wrote A Book

For several years I have contemplated writing a book about leadership, churches, and the crazy things I've seen in 10+ years of ministry. I've joked with other ministry friends that it would have to be marketed as fiction because nobody would believe that what they were reading was actually true. Maybe someday I'll get around to collaborating with some of these buddies and we'll put our stories down on paper. Until then, I want you to check out this amazing book that my wife, Erin, has written.

One afternoon back in 2003 I arrived home from work to find Erin sitting at the computer busily typing away. I could sense excitement as she was engrossed in what she was working on. She began to explain this vision she had for Sports Ministry and how she felt called to use her athletic gifts to reach those far from God. In the days following, Worthy of the Prize Sports Ministries was born and the rest is history.

Today she released her first book "Worthy of the Prize Sports Camps" which is a manual designed for athletes and churches to help spread the Gospel through the use of sports. My hope is that it sells a million copies and I can retire early, but if that doesn't happen my true hope is that it forever impacts the lives of thousands with the life changing message of Jesus Christ.

To learn more about Worthy of the Prize Sports Ministries - CLICK HERE

To learn more about Worthy of the Prize Sports Camps Manual - CLICK HERE

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